Friday, July 15, 2011

Red River Valley

The Red River Valley Fair is in town!
 This elicits a number of feelings in people.

Many think of rides.

Caution: do not eat before going on this ride

Many think of food.

Love onions, not a fan of the blossom


(my favorite)

Some may prefer the games:

Might be cheaper just to hand him a few bucks and walk away

Because these prizes are so worth it!

And still others (like my mom) prefer the animals:

Where's Wilbur?

Oh, there he is :)

This calf is adorable

I see the fair a bit differently.

They are forecasting a temperature of 95 degrees tomorrow, with a heat index of 105. That's not just a bit warm, that's freakin' hot.


That's heat stroke hot.

Which wouldn't be so bad if you were spending all your time on the rides; there's a nice breeze as your body is being whipped back and forth 30 feet in the air.

This is completely safe. Yep.

But no, what do you spend MOST of your time doing at the fair? Waiting in line.

Which my older two do remarkably well.  At first. But even the most patient kid in the world gets tired of it after a few hours. My youngest, on the other hand, has the attention span of a goldfish.  Waiting in line for longer than 30 seconds is torturous.

Additionally, my youngest son does not do well in large crowds of people. He gets over stimulated (read:REALLY naughty) so I tend to avoid those situations unless I can take him one-on-one.

Like this except Roland doesn't turn into a blueberry.
Now add to that the amount of money one would reasonably spend at the fair (because if you're going to go, you might as well make it worth the trouble). Admission prices, a treat or two and tickets for rides. Now multiply that by 3 because that's how many kids I have. Also, add to that the fact that I intentionally cut back my hours at work to spend time with my boys this summer (and I don't regret it but it does mean I don't have extra money for unnecessary things).  I am doing daycare, yes, but only for 2 and I'm not charging the full amount because I think daycare prices these days are ridiculous.  (But that's a whole different blog post.)

So. I did not tell my boys the fair was in town. Instead, we are going to their grandparent's house this weekend and will enjoy their fantastic working A/C. (Ours sucks something awful.)  We may play a few water games outside and perhaps visit the beach. For free.  And I refuse to feel guilty about it.

Besides, the Douglas County Fair is in August.

Roland: Mom, would you be really mad if I accidentally dumped this water on the floor?
Me: No. I wouldn't be mad if it was an accident.
Roland: What would you be?
Me: I would be frustrated.
Roland: What's frustrated?
Me: Frustrated is when I say - Roland, go play!
Roland: Yeah, and then you go like this: (sighs heavily and rolls his eyes)

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  1. Ahh, Roland is cute.

    Anyway, I think that was the wise choice. You don't want your kids sick, over-stimulated, or to go broke. That doesn't make you a bad parent, that makes you a smart one. I hope you guys have fun at the grandparents and that your kids are never the wiser over your nefarious scheme. ;)

    Have a great day and enjoy the water gun fights!