Monday, July 11, 2011

The Real Fourth of July

So, after our adventures with tornadoes, the fireworks show was rescheduled for the following night. Ichabod again decided not to go. Archie and Roland were excited, as was Archie's friend who was spending the night. I filled a backpack with water bottles and snacks and tossed 2 blankets in the van. We met at my parent's house again and all rode together in their 12 passenger van. (The 12 passenger was actually a downsized vehicle. They used to own a 15 passenger Econoline Van. I learned to drive on that behemoth.) 

Try parallel parking this beast!

 Oddly enough, we found parking immediately, and very close by the field. The bleachers were already quite full, which was fine as we had no intention of sitting in them anyway. We all trooped to our usual spot next to the flagpole and spread our our numerous blankets (all 13 of us wouldn't fit on just one or two blankets). PJ and Little Red arrived shortly thereafter, as did another friend of mine.

(My family doesn't seem to be able to do things in small numbers.)

Once we all got settled, there was still some waiting time before the show started. Amidst the chit chat and munching on snacks, I watched the American Flag. It was huge, for starters. And there was a perfect breeze to keep lowing lazily in the wind. It truly was beautiful, and downright mesmerizing. The motion was fluid,  reminding me of watching the waves in the ocean.

This doesn't do it justice.

There was something about watching that flag that made me proud to be an American. Leave all your arguments about war being right our wrong, or whether or not our president is doing a good job or a million other things people like to debate. I am proud to live where I live.

The show started right at 10:30, and it was amazing. Well worth the wait.
I lay on our blanket in the grass, cuddling with Roland while professionals blew up things in the sky and our flag was flying in the wind. It was a perfect night.

Archie: Stop pretending you're perfect, Roland. You're not God, you know.
Roland: I could totally beat up God.
Archie: No you couldn't! God could make your head explode if he wanted to! 

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  1. Oh, wow. Archie and Roland were HILARIOUS!!! I love it.

    Sounds like you had a great time. Good, quality family time is hard to come-by these days. I hope you all had a blast!