Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day Fireworks

     I'm a little late catching up with my blogging, I meant to post this one right after the fourth of July but I keep getting distracted (darn you, Minecraft!) But, better late than never. (Right?)
     The fourth was a Monday and I normally work at the group home every other weekend (Friday and Saturday overnights). However, my boss was going out of town and needed someone to cover her day shift on Monday and I just couldn't pass up time and a half. My only stipulation with taking the shift was I needed to be done at 9pm instead of 10pm so I could take the boys to the fireworks at MSUM. My boss convinced the night staff to come in early, so it all worked out. The 14 hour shift went by relatively fast (8am- 9pm) and I spent most of day looking forward to enjoying the fireworks that evening. This would be Archie's 3rd year going, and Roland's first. Ichabod is completely terrified of fireworks and has steadfastly refused to go. Even when we were doing the little fireworks at home the other day, he was nervous. I had purchased a few boxes of snappers (the little wads of paper you throw to the ground and they pop) and he was semi-okay with those, but still managed to plug his ears while throwing them.

     Anyway, Ichabod decided to opt out. One part of me is sad that he misses out, another part of me is happy that he isn't bowing to peer pressure to attend when he really doesn't want to. Stick to your convictions kid! It's a good thing.

So, 9pm rolls around and I pause for a few moments to chat with the staff coming on duty and then head out the door. I race home, change into pants, gather a few necessities (mainly a blanket to sit on), and herd the boys out the door. We pull up to my parent's house and hop out, everyone is excited and milling around. (My parents have 5 kids still living at home, all under high school age). A few of them have friends over, plus there are a handful of neighbors and such.  They have gathered to light off a few fireworks in the street before heading off to MSUM. It's a bona fide crowd. And then it happens:

     The tornado sirens go off.........CRAP!

There is a rush of parents gathering kids and shooing them to their respective homes. I wave my two into their grandparent's house and begin helping my dad gather chairs and unspent fireworks to throw into the garage. In the midst of the chaos I also call my friend, PJ, who was meeting us at the college. He was already there with a munchkin of his own. We establish they have cancelled the fireworks for the night and they are urging everyone to leave the campus and find shelter.  PJ asks to come over as he lives over in Fargo and my parent's house is closer. I tell him yes and ask him to call me when he gets closer so I can direct him. I pop inside to check out the radar on TV. Some fantastic weather heading our way with three or four spots that could produce tornados. Back outside again with my dad to check the sky.  It had taken on a decidedly purplish color. We shooed in a stray kid or two and PJ arrives with Little Red in tow.  Fireworks were cancelled for the evening but God had other plans.

It was spectacular!

Unfortunately the kids couldn't see it because we didn't allow them out of the basement until the danger had passed. There ended up being a tornado touch down a few towns over but no one was injured and no property damage.  It was an eventful Fourth, with or without fireworks.

DMV Lady: Hi! How old are you?
Ichabod: I'm five.
DMV Lady: Wow. You're really big!
Ichabod: Like your mom!


  1. Lol. Ichabod says some funny things. Wonder where he learned that joke from...

    Well, your fireworks sound spectacular. It must have really lit up the sky, all the lightning and purple, ominous clouds. I saw something amazing the other day myself (a bona fide double rainbow), and I was awed by the incredible beauty of nature and how nothing we make can quite replicate or capture it.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day.

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  3. Ichabod got the comment from my husband. It's my husband's catch-all retort for everything, even if it doesn't make sense. (We have since explained to Ichabod that it can be interpreted as in insult.)

    I love double rainbows. I don't see them too often and when I do, I always feel like I need to stop what I am doing and just stand there and appreciate them for a bit. :)