Friday, July 29, 2011

Busy Summer!

I have not blogged in awhile. We have been ridiculously busy.
August is a mere 3 days away and it is set to be our busiest month yet.

Archie leaves for Cub Scout Camp on Sunday, so today and tomorrow will be spent prepping for that. Gathering items from a page long list, making sure he has the neccessary flaslight, sunscreen, bug spray and a camera to record his adventures.

Later today, Archie and my daycare boy will be setting up the tent they will be sleeping in. They are going to do it themselves, I will just direct. They will have parent help once the get to camp, but I want them to have a basic understanding of how to do it as well.

Once they advance to Boy Scouts in two years, the parental guidance fades away and they are expected to stand on their own two feet during many of their activities. It's one of the reasons why I like scouting; giving the boys a foundation to become independent and self reliant.

This will be the first time Archie has gone away overnight without being with family (excluding the little sleepovers he has with a friend here in town). I was suprised he felt comfortable going as he is not the most adventurous child. I am looking forward to hearing how his weekend goes. I do know this, he will be one tired kid when he gets back. 

Ichabod: Mom, my arm hurts.
Me: Why does your arm hurt?
Ichabod: Because my arm fell asleep and then I woke it up and now it's angry with me.

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