Friday, July 8, 2011


So those of you that know and love me are aware that I am writing a book, and have been for many...many......many years. The same book. I truly am the queen of procrastination.

I started this book when I was 10. I was going through a heavy Stephen King phase and managed to kill off every charater in the book by the third chapter without even knowing who the killer was. To say the book has gone through a few rewrites since then is an understatement. I have put it away for years only to come back to it and wite a chapter or two, get irritated with it, and put it away again.

Or, I really do intend to write but get distacted by little things, like getting married, giving birth (three times), or playing Minecraft. 

I pulled the book out again this year and have made some decent headway on proofreading it, fleshing out the charaters a bit and refining my outline of future chapters.  But I am still stuck in the same spot.


Well, the other night, I dreamt I got past that spot! It was awesome, and I remember feeling so relieved and plowed through the rest of the chapter and the one following.
     But gosh darn it, I don't remember how I did it!
Hence the title of this post: AAARG!  


My husband was going to Chicago for a week for work. Ichabod was very upset by this. He tried a new tactic yesterday: "Dad, if you go to Chicago for a whole week, I am never speaking to you again." He quietly added, "......or listening to you either."


  1. Ahh. Yes, I remember you saying that you're having trouble with that book. As you said to me, just keep trying and it WILL happen eventually.

    Or, as Dora said, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

    Wow, since you were 10, huh? That's a long time to cook one story. It must be very different than when you started. I hope you discover that Eureka! moment soon. Have fun and enjoy the writing!

  2. Thanks Kyla! Blogging actually helps, which was an ulterior motive to starting this blog. And I love Dory, she's one of my favorite characters. (I am a bit scattered brained my self so perhaps we're kindred spirits.) 'Just keep swimming' is a good mantra. It can get you trough those tough days. (Way to think deep, Disney.) Thanks for commenting, I have been enjoying your posts as well :)